Fun things to do in… (Your City Here)

Fun things to do in… (Your City Here)

Article by Jerry Stuckart

Milwaukee, Phoenix, Chicago, Green Bay, Boston, San Diego, etc. etc.

There is nothing more annoying to me each week, than having the same conversation over and over again. “What do you want to do this weekend?” “I don’t know what do you want to do?” Well, has been created to help alleviate those unwanted conversations.

The site offers customized Checklist’s of Fun Things to Do in certain cities. Most of the items are hidden gems from Local’s. There is a wide array of categories that attract every type of person. CanYouCheck’s concept is for persons to challenge there Friends and Family to Check Off more items than they do over a period of time. Users will obtain a full checklist of the city in there area. But the fun doesn’t stop there. They can Create There Own custom list and share that with friends as well. You could have a custom list for your office coworkers, another for your old College Buddy’s, and then yet another for Family activities.

Another great part of the site is that items Challenge you to get out of your shell a little and try new and exciting things in your area.

Some of them bring you back to being a kid again. For Example:

‘Get Dressed up for Halloween”Roll down a big hill’ ‘Spend the entire day without getting dressed”Have a Lemonade stand’

Others seem quite easy but turn out to be a pretty good challenge. For example:

‘Go an entire day (24 hours) without knowing what time is was”Get crazy and streak a daytime event (ie. Baseball game, festival, etc.)’ ‘Take an Ex out to dinner and don’t sleep with them’

A good portion of the checklist items will lead you to finding your new favorite restaurant, coffee house or bar.

‘Ride the Mechanical Chili Pepper at La Perla’ in Milwaukee, WI’Order the Chowder of the Day at Taylor’s Chowder House’ in Phoenix, AZ’Order and Drink the Sampler at Rock Bottom Brewery’ in various cities

A few of the other nice features on are a Photo Gallery and an Online Forum. The photo gallery displays random pictures to the home page of people checking off some items. You can also view all the photos one by one in the gallery. The online forum allows person to discuss items on the checklist, invite friends to complete an item with you, write reviews of places you have checked off, and just talk about anything on your mind. Oh yeah, and the other nice feature, the website is completely Free.

If you would like your city added, please submit your request to

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