For Great Tasting Coffee Try Green Mountain Coffee

For Great Tasting Coffee Try Green Mountain Coffee

Article by Phil Reusch

Green Mountain coffee started in a little café in Vermont in the early 80’s. Soon, their aromatic brew was so popular, inns, hotels, and other cafes began serving their coffee. Today, they supply a great many bakeries and coffee houses with their delicious coffee variety. They are also famous for their K-Cups, which are individual cups of coffee that are brewed with their single cup maker, which is sold under the brand name Keurig®.

They sell a wide variety of coffee, tea, and hot cocoa. Unlike some single cup coffee brewer distributors, if you would like to try their coffee before you invest in a single cup coffee maker and an assortment of K-Cups, you can buy a sampler of bagged coffee. This is a great opportunity to make sure you like the coffee before you purchase the entire setup.

Of course, most people love their java and find the K-Cup system quick and convenient. They offer a special deal to those who are regular Green Mountain coffee drinkers. Café Express® is the name of their coffee delivery program and it has its perks. For example, Café Express members save off of the K-Cups boxes, off of bagged coffee, and 10% off of everything else, which includes their coffee brewers as well.

You can cancel your membership at any time when you join Café Express. Your java will arrive on the schedule you choose and if you buy four or more boxes of K-Cups, you’ll enjoy free shipping.

Green Mountain features over 70 types of coffees, teas, and hot cocoa so if you like their java, you will have a wide assortment from which to choose. Whether you choose the single cup brewing system or you opt for their bagged coffee to use in your existing coffee brewer, you are in for a treat when you choose Green Mountain coffee.

You can also purchase organic coffee from Green Mountain coffee as they have teamed up with Newman’s Own® to offer organic java in either K-Cups or bagged. Incidentally, you can select whole bean or ground coffee when you purchase Green Mountain in the bag. For a wide assortment of coffee, tea, and cocoa, try Green Mountain today.

So if you like the different types of brew that this company makes you are in for a treat. The great taste of this product will keep you going back for more each time.

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