For Coffee Lovers : Coffee Gift Baskets

For Coffee Lovers : Coffee Gift Baskets

Coffee sure has come along way since the first coffee shop opened by Kiva Han in 1475. We no longer have just decaf and regular to choose from. Today you can even get a coffee gift basket for loved ones filled with all their favorite flavors. Most all-major coffee brands offer gift baskets on their websites or you can call them direct for more information. You can inquire with your local coffee shops such as Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks, to see if they offer a coffee gift basket, if they don’t chances are they would be happy to help you create one with their products.

If you are more of the creative type, then you may want to create your own coffee gift basket. You can purchase a basket from most any craft store along with the cellophane wrapping to cover the finished product. You can line the bottom of the basket with craft grass or be creative and use coffee filters. You can decorate the outside of the basket to go with any special occasion, whether it is birthday, Christmas or just a thank you gift, it will have that extra personalized touch. Next you will want to pick out some tasty treats to put in your coffee gift basket.

Limitless Options

With so many choices of coffee today, your options of goodies for your coffee gift basket are limitless. There is black coffee, white coffee, lattes, cappuccinos and espressos to name but a few. You can throw in some chocolate covered coffee beans and a coffee mug filled with some flavored chocolate covered spoons to stir in some flavor to any cup of coffee. Biscotti or Rum cake is a nice touch for that special someone to snack on while enjoying the variety of coffees in the coffee gift basket.

Adding a variety of flavored syrups is a nice touch as well. This will give the recipient of the coffee gift basket the choice to mix and match flavors as they choose. There are even some flower shops that offer these types of gift baskets with the special touch of flowers with the coffee. No matter if make the basket yourself or have it made by a pro, a coffee gift basket will be a big hit with even the most finicky of people. The basket will definitely let that certain someone know that they are very much appreciated.