Folger’s 2010 Jingle Contest

Here is a jingle I have composed for the 2010 Folger’s Jingle Contest. This jingle contains an original jingle composition for Folger’s coffee. All rights reserved Perfect Pitch Productions. Javinne J. McCoy Copyright 2010. This compostion and arrangement iof “It’s a Better Day (with Folger’s) is a US registered Copyright work of the performing arts. However, I do not claim any rights to the original Folger’s name , image, or original Folger’s jingle melody contained at the end of the composition. Although I did not make it to the Semi-Finals, the Smuckers company sent an acknowledgement of my submission via a mailed letter and a Folger’s Gift Basket stating they enjoyed this submission. The Folger’s name and product image are the sole property of the Smucker’s Company. Composed and Arranged by: Javinne J. McCoy Lead vocal: Javinne J. McCoy Background vocals: Javinne J. McCoy, Hadiza Dockeray, Felicia Grosvenor