Five Tips for Effective Affiliate Marketing During the Christmas Season

Five Tips for Effective Affiliate Marketing During the Christmas Season

Article by Ken Vogt

November is the time that affiliate marketers start seeing visions of holiday commissions in their heads. They see the potential inherent in the coming Christmas selling season. As an affiliate yourself, you no doubt look forward to increased sales come December. However, to take advantage of the season, you must implement Christmas selling strategies.

A multi-pronged approach can serve you well at this time of year. Maybe your affiliate marketing efforts recently primarily involved forum postings. You frequented numerous sites that dealt with topics related to your affiliate products. You garnered some extra traffic from these and sales as well. The thing is you want to build your sales even more.

Why not ramp up your efforts, starting today, and try other ways to garner extra holiday sales. From article marketing, to email campaigns and more you can take measures to build your affiliate sales at Christmas. The following are five tips for effective affiliate marketing during the Christmas season:

Engage in Article Marketing

With a host of people looking for information online at this time of year, it’s time you implement an article campaign. Consider the affiliate products you promote. Write informative articles on topics related to those products. Write objective product reviews. Give a Christmas theme to your content.

Next, get this content to your target market. Of course, you do that through using a quality content distribution service. Look for one that offers constant and ongoing distribution. You want your articles (and your links) reaching a broad audience. The more articles you have on the Web, the more holiday traffic heads your way.

Have a Message for those Once a Year Shoppers

Your website may have a loyal group of visitors. They access your site regularly throughout the year. Certainly, you must continue to tailor your website content to these experienced and knowledgeable users. They expect this from you.

However, realize that those once-a-year shoppers are online at this time of year. They may come across your site during a search and proceed to investigate it. Have content that is clear and understandable to those who are unfamiliar with your business. This content must bring them up-to-speed quickly on what you sell and how they can order it.

Consider Adding Complementary Affiliate Products to Your Main Product Line for Christmas

The holiday season tends to find consumers looking for books, DVDs, and unique small specialty gifts. Look at ways to offer these along with the existing affiliate products you market. Just make sure they tie in properly with the overall theme of your site.

For example, you may promote premium coffee beans as an affiliate marketer. Books on coffee growing regions, roasting methods, and coffee drink recipes are a complement to the coffee you sell. Travel DVDs on regions where coffee grows is also something to consider. You can also promote specialty gift baskets with specialty foods and coffee inside.

Have a Special Christmas Page on Your Website

In fact, have more than one if you wish. Your goal here is to have a page or pages that highlight specific products for the season. You may have different landing pages based on categories. You may want just one holiday-themed landing page. This one page could focus on a few main products you really want to promote this season.

Decorate the site appropriately, so your visitors know you’re current with the season. Offer exciting incentives to buy at this time of year. There’s a ton of competition on the Web. Stand out visually with a dignified, classy design at Christmas. Offer equally classy products and quality incentives.

Update Your Email Campaigns

Are you sending out the same or similar emails in November and December that you sent in the summer? It’s time you make your email campaigns season appropriate. Begin now revamping your current email text. Even better, write brand new ones focused solely on the holiday season.

You look more professional as an affiliate marketer when you have fresh new content. People don’t want the same messages landing in their In-Boxes. Think of the articles you distribute through a quality content distribution service each month. These articles are different and always offer new information.

You want your emails up-to-date, different, and offering good info. In addition, give a holiday flavor to your email campaigns. Done right, they help get your list into the mood of the season as they prepare to buy.Consider the above five tips to help you market your affiliate business effectively at Christmas. You can focus on one or two of the tips, or try all of them. Whatever you do, make a renewed commitment to grow your affiliate commissions this holiday season.

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