Excellent Tips For Customizing A Coffee Gift Basket.

Excellent Tips For Customizing A Coffee Gift Basket.

Article by Jon Sherwood

Coffee gift baskets are great for coffee lovers. However, it can be complete without the coffee itself. There are many different kinds of coffee to choose from. You can be creative with the flavors and add accessories to complete the package.Here are some coffee selections that can be assembled in the gift basket:

Kona Coffee – Kona coffee is a premium specialty coffee made in Hawaii. Because of this, it is only grown just right in a few places in the world. Growing this type of coffee requires a certain technique. The amount of sun oil and water has to be very precise. This combination technique consists of bright sunny mornings, humid rainy afternoons and mild nights. When this technique is followed correctly, the kona beans give off a powerful aroma that can permeate the entire gift basket.

Shade Grown – This coffee is a friend of the environment. Shade grown coffee does not rely on chemicals for growth and does not pose a threat to the soil. Because of this, the ground remains fertile and the coffee has a better flavor.

Fair Trade Certified – Fair trade certified coffee should be purchased under fair conditions. To become fair trade certified, imported have to adhere to certain rules and regulations. This in turn, puts a premium price on the product.

Organic Coffee – Organic coffee is healthy because it’s free from pesticides and other chemicals. Chemicals in other products can be harmful to people and the environment. This coffee gift shows how much health means to you.

Gourmet coffee gift baskets are great for those who are really into specialty coffees. Gourmet coffees come from gourmet coffee beans. The coffee beans roast its own flavor, therefore making it distinct. The settled flavor is created upon the climate for growth, kinds of soil and the weather. You get more of a natural flavor if the roast is light in color. Roasting is getting back into gear again, with people doing it at home. Roasting beans can just about assure you a great cup of coffee.

Gourmet coffee contains many different flavors and other items to complement it. If you’re not sure which selections you should choose, consult a local coffee store in your area, local Starbucks or other local chain. Online retailers have many coffee flavors to choose from, like French Vanilla, Hazelnut and Irish Crème.

To complement your coffee gift basket, whether it’s gourmet coffee or something else, you can also add some of the following items: coffee or travel mugs, filters, coffee grinder, chocolate gourmet candy, cappuccino, cream and cream server, and a sugar bowl with an assortment of sweeteners.

The coffee gift basket can be in any size. It doesn’t have to be extravagant. You should think out of the box and be creative. Along with the coffee, you can add cookies, pancake/waffle mix, syrup or chocolate dipped stirring spoons. Being able to customize a coffee gift basket for someone is really special. Coffee lovers just appreciate the fact that you’re thinking about them.

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