Epilogue – Epik High [에픽하이]: Album Sampler (With Interesting Footage [hehe])

Its finally hear. Now you can here Epik High’s album with artsy thingys I recorded over my whole life. Tracks: 1. Shelves [서랍] 2. Run 3. Fool [바보] 4. Wordkill 5. Blossom 6. Skin [비늘] 7. Distorted [잡음] 8. Coffee 9. Over 10. Roots [숲] Note: I took the same approach as Epik High did with their Epilogue album and compiled footage from over the years that either have no purpose in a proper film or footage I have never used and used them to make this. www.mapthesoul.com/board/worldboard/164364