Employees That Deserve a Corporate Gift Basket or a Special Thank You Gift Basket

Employees That Deserve a Corporate Gift Basket or a Special Thank You Gift Basket

If you still have a profitable company, small or large, give yourself a pat on the back. You’re winning when so many others are calling it quits. While this is a positive reflection on your management abilities, you probably have others involved that have helped you achieve your success. These associates are the perfect candidates for corporate gift baskets of many varieties: wine gift baskets, chocolate gift baskets, gourmet food gift baskets, cheese gift baskets to name just a few of the selections you can make.

Your secretary, often the least paid employee, does numerous jobs that make your daily life run smoothly.  Your phones are answered, messages taken, appointments made and reminders given, important records and documents can be found because they were properly and promptly filed. What can you do to recognize this person? Of course money is appreciated, but what about a reward that says you put more thought into the idea than just writing a check or going to the bank.  A chocolate corporate gift basket that says a well deserved break, filled with flavored coffees and an assortment of chocolates. Some baskets will include a coffee mug or other memento that can keep reminding that person of your thoughtfulness.

If you are a larger company that has an office staff, a corporate gift basket is ideal because it can be shared by many. These corporate gift baskets can include gourmet cookies, nuts, assorted snacks, cakes, biscotti, gourmet crackers, summer sausage, salami, cheeses. Your staff can congregate around this gift and enjoy some camaraderie while thinking of the many reasons they deserve this reward.

Have a warehouse that makes sure your product is packed correctly and shipped to the right client? Say your thanks with a gift basket that includes items that all can enjoy: cookies, snacks, pretzels, candy, cheeses, nuts, biscotti, salmon, etc. There was a study that determined employees preferred recognition in forms other than money. A gift basket is a great choice.

Do not forget the sales department. Without sales, there is no revenue. The salespeople are dealing one on one with your ultimate customer. They are the face of your company, the one that the buyer associates with your company name. Recognition for the sales team is motivational and can inspire to perform better. This time an individual gift basket is appropriate, a salesperson is an individualist, a person who works alone and relies on himself/herself to close the sale. There are many choices of gift baskets for this personality. Towering impressions are as the name implies, they do leave a large impression. These usually consist of several boxes, reducing in size as they are stacked upon each other, that hold many surprises: nuts, chocolates, crackers, cheeses, snack meats, candies, fruits, cookies, and the list is vast. The presentation and delivery of this gift is a memorable moment. Not everyone receives a gift of this magnitude.

  If it is compatible with your company and personal philosophy, there are numerous corporate wine gift baskets that can be given which can be shared with family and friends. Maybe there will even be a toast given to you and your company.

As you can see, your employees are valuable and they should be given recognition for helping you to keep your company operating smoothly and profitably. A gift basket is a perfect choice and there are many choices that you can individualize to make the recipient feel special.  Please visit www.Flowers-and-GiftBaskets.com for other gift ideas.

I have been in business for over 20 years and know what it is like to be both an employee and an owner. I have been able to work closely with suppliers to provide quality products that are uniquely designed. Please visit www.Flowers-and-GiftBaskets.com to view our unique gifts.