Earn Money With Free Stuff

Earn Money With Free Stuff

Article by Riki Chon

Offers for free stuff abound online and most of them are completely legitimate. Although it might be nice to get a free sample of mocha coffee or a free pair of baby booties, what do you really do with all that free stuff? Why not make some cash with it?

Free samples are so prevailing online that you can virtually can order five or six things every day and be getting free stuff in the mail for months! These free samples are available for everything from coffee creamers to baby wipes and antacids. The idea behind them is to turn you onto the products so that you will start buying them, but you can also turn free stuff into cash in your pocket by reselling it.

Let’s start with some ideas. If you bundle similar items together, you have the perfect “sampler kit” or gift basket. All you need is three or four related items and you are ready to start. For example, you could put together some baby products, a sample of Dove soap, a couple mini packs of baby wipes, a formula sample and maybe even some talc powder or baby perfume. Put those all in a cute basket along with a bow and cellophane and you have the perfect newborn gift basket.

To create a sampler pack, you need items that are even more similar, like coffee. If you can get eight to ten different coffee samples, they can be packaged together in a neat little box, perhaps along with a mug or creamers and sold as a sampler pack. No one will ever know it was created from free stuff!

Larger free stuff like baby booties and T-shirts can be resold online, on Ebay or Craigslist, for example. If you get put together several T-shirts or other items that are similar, you can sell them on Ebay as a package deal, charging only a few dollars per item. Let’s face it after all, this was free stuff, so even a few dollars are pure profit!

Oftentimes, the for free stuff that is actually worth something, like a necklace or a book, you will have to do something in exchange for these items. This might be signing up for an email newsletter or giving some kind of information, but there will be an exchange required. In most cases this is completely worth it since you can resell the item for a small profit.

To get really great free stuff, look for 100% rebates. This means that you actually buy the item, but with the rebate, the cost of the entire item is refunded, leaving you with high quality free stuff. You can find great rebates at places like buy.com, or search for them on Google.

Not only is it fun to get free stuff, but if you can also make money from it, what’s stopping you? Start ordering your free stuff today and in 4-6 weeks, you should have all the product you need to get your own free stuff business off the ground!

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