Dos and Don?ts When Giving a Congratulations Gift Basket with Food Items

Dos and Don?ts When Giving a Congratulations Gift Basket with Food Items

Food tops the list of popular items to include in a congratulations gift basket, and why not? Everybody loves to eat, and food can help if the recipient will be throwing parties. Not every food item is suitable for a gift basket, however. Here are a few things to keep in mind before handing out one.

As you choose a food basket, take note of the recipient’s food preferences and health profile. Is he sweet-toothed? Is she into coffee or tea? Is he a vegetarian? Is she allergic to anything? Naturally, you do not want to mess up someone’s diet, so check if your friend is diabetic before including chocolates, or has history of high blood pressure that a bag of pork rinds may aggravate. If you are giving a gift basket to celebrate someone’s high school graduation, the inclusion of alcoholic drinks may not be very appropriate.

It is best to pick ones that will not perish immediately, like nuts, biscotti, dried fruits and cookies. Finger food items like pretzels, chips and corn puffs or gourmet meal items such as cheddar cheese spreads and beef salami make for a food selection that everyone will love. Add a bottle of wine and your package can instantly create a celebratory mood.

If the congratulations gift basket is for a child, candies, chocolates, cupcakes and cookies are probably your best bet. But to make the gift more meaningful, have the pieces custom-decorated with inspiring messages. Cookies may be shaped to form a smiley with a party hat or graduation cap, or a star – the quintessential reward for children who do well in school.

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