Diary of an Assistant – Take 1 (Jick!)

The Diary of a Assistant Jick episode 1 nicks POV dear diary tomorrow is gonna be first day of being an assistant for the actor Joseph Jonas…..i wonder how is it gonna be like? He may be the worst person to work for or the best who knows? Imma just gonna have to wait nd see tomorrow……..i hope he is a great guy nd not some jackass they saw on those gossip magazines…..i dont believe anything they say but somethings are very shocking. But I know they are all false but still….hehe. Well bye.. The Next day Nick POV Im here tryin to find my way to were Joseph is at. Arrives 5 min late joe: were in HELL is he!!!!!!!! secretary: ii dont know sir…. he was suppose to be here 5 mins ago nick: *walks in* joe; *notices he just came in* were in the world were you! U were suppose to be here 5 min ago!!! nick: ugh……i chouldnt find my way here….im srry. Joe: u better be…….now get me a latte with extra foam nd 2 sugar. NOW! Nick: ok *goes to the coffee shop next door* counter guy: how may I help you? Nick: yea…can I get 1 latte with extra foam nd 2 sugars plz counter guy: ok *goes nd makes the latte* here u go. That will be .76 nick: thxs *gives the guy the money* counter guy: ur welcome. Nd have a nice day. Nick: u too. *Leaves* Nick goes back to the buildin nick: here u go mr. jonas *gives joe the latte* joe: *takes the drink from him* ok now leave me in peace *shoos him away* nick: umm ok *leaves nd takes a seat* *sits next to the secretary* *whispers* uhg is
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