Cute Gift Ideas for End of the Year Teacher Presents

Cute Gift Ideas for End of the Year Teacher Presents

Article by Amy McNulty

To show appreciation for a teacher who spent the school year teaching your child (or you), an end of the year gift is a wise idea. Favorite teachers, homeroom teachers and tutors alike will appreciate the gesture of an end of the year gift. Buying from an online retailer such as the Vermont Teddy Bear Company and makes the shopping process a breeze. Order a gift and present it to the teacher or have a gift sent straight to school. Here are some cute gift ideas to consider:

A Teacher Teddy Bear

High quality teddy bears are appreciated by many adults who are young at heart. Sending a teddy bear outfitted to look like a teacher is a great gift idea. She can take it home to display or can even keep it on display in the classroom or use the teddy bear in future lessons (depending on the age of the students). You can also find matching pajama and teddy bear combinations if you think the gift would be appropriate.

A Spa Basket

Give a teacher the gift of pampering herself after a long school year. Spa gift baskets usually include washcloths, soaps, lotions, bath salts and the like. You can choose a scent that’s universally appealing without being too sensual and inappropriate. You can include a note saying that you hope she can use the gift to unwind and treat herself.

Food Basket

Find out the teacher’s favorite foods and search for a food gift basket that she’s sure to appreciate. Chocolate, cookie, cake and candy baskets are appealing to a lot of people, but make sure that she has a sweet tooth. You may also decide to give her a fruit basket, especially considering the cultural association of apples with teachers. There are also cheese and cracker gift baskets,baskets with meats like sausage, and even gift baskets with spices and other garnishes for the avid cook.

Tea, Coffee or Wine Basket

Another type of basket that’s perfect as an end of the year gift is a tea, coffee or wine gift basket. However, it’s important that you determine whether or not she likes tea, coffee or wine–especially if you’re considering wine. If your child is young, a tea or coffee gift basket is more appropriate than a wine basket. The gift basket typically comes with both the drink itself as well as some snacks or mugs that go with the drink.

A Game Basket

A game gift basket comes with dice, board and card games, as well as candy and other snacks to enjoy while playing the games. A game basket is a great choice for a teacher with a family or one who loves playing games.

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