Custom Gift Baskets for Dad

Custom Gift Baskets for Dad

Article by Paul B

You need to get dad a present, but you’re not sure where to start. Do you go for the big ticket item like a flashy electronic gadget? Do you go for the experiential present like a day spent golfing at his favorite course? If you’re stuck in park and not sure where to steer your decision making process, then think about custom gift baskets. Here are simple steps for creating a custom gift basket for your dad:

Pick a themeCustom gift baskets should revolve around a chosen theme so they don’t look like random pilings of gifts that don’t logically go together. Brainstorm potential themes for the basket. For instance, is your dad a sports buff? Is he a diehard fan for any specific team? Does he have a sweet tooth? Any hobby he is addicted to? Hone in on one of his interests and use that as a basis for the custom gift basket.

Set a price limitNow that you’ve picked the theme for the custom gift basket, it may be a good idea to set a price limit for yourself. This way you won’t feel the need to buy all related products or get stressed about your total bill as you keep buying and buying. Setting a price marker will help you be more discerning in choosing appropriate products for the custom gift basket. Think about quality, not quantity, and you won’t be as worried about breaking your piggy bank.

Seek professional adviceCustom gift baskets turn out well if they include unique, specialty products geared towards the theme. So if you’re not an expert in the chosen concept then seek professional advice. If your father is a coffee nut then head to one of the major chains and ask an employee to help you pick out an assortment of rich coffee blends. If your father has a favorite author, peek around his library at home, see which books he has, and then head to the bookstore to fill in the gaps.

Attach a cardThe final touch for custom gift baskets is a card. You don’t need to be deeply profound, but you can briefly explain why you made your choices for dad’s present. Explain why you think he will enjoy what you created for him. This will help pull together the gift so your dad will appreciate the custom gift basket created especially by you.

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