Create a Gift for Woodstove Owner

Create a Gift for Woodstove Owner

Article by Ruby Campbelle

It’s beginning to look a lot like Valentin’s. During the holidays my creative wheels are turning for new craft ideas that I can make with my family and friends that are homemade gifts. Gifts don’t have to cost a lot, it’s the thought and time a person puts into making the gift that counts the most for someone you love. You will enjoy looking back to those special memories that you have made with your family. It’s amazing what you can come up with while sharing ideas with family and friends. This year I thought of a craft of my own that I wanted to share with you today and maybe you would like to make one with your family to. This craft idea is a decorative gift basket or fire starters for your hearth or wood stove. They are both decorative and useful for your hearth or wood burning stove.

Did you know that you can find most of the fire starters that you will need in your own backyard? There’s nothing more relaxing than going for a stroll or hike in your own backyard or nearby forest. If you have a black pine tree, you can pick and gather your own natural pine cones. They are usually very strong but pretty and will make great fire starters that won’t cost you anything! Always make sure if you are adventuring out into the woods always dress appropriately.

• Wear a long sleeve shirt, jeans or pants and a pair of boots in case you run into some prickly thorn briers.• Sometimes the pine cones from a black pine tree are very hard and can be stubborn, so you will need to take along a pair of craft pliers and gloves to remove pine cones from the pine tree.

After you’ve gathered your pine cones (doesn’t matter if it’s from a white pine or black pine).You will need the following items:

• Paraffin wax• Coffee can• Pair of long handled tongs• Wax paper

Helpful tips: You can add color or scents to your melted wax before dipping if you prefer. These are available at most craft stores in your area. Or if you have any leftover candles lying around you can melt those down the same way as you would the paraffin wax.

Caution: Always remember to wear gloves and use the long handled tongs to dip your pine cones into the hot melted wax. Also keep fire starters and hot wax out of reach around children, the drippings of wax could burn there skin.

Here are the directions you will need to make your own Pine Cone Starter Kit.


1. Melt candle or paraffin wax in a coffee can by sitting the can down in a pan of simmering water on the stove.

2. You will need to have enough wax to coat your pine cone completely.

3. After your wax has melted you can turn off the heat.

4. Put your gloves on and use your long handled tongs to grab the top of the pine cone.

5. Dip the pine cone in the wax, until it’s completely coated (create a layered look with a second dip).

6. Last lay the pine cone on a piece of waxed paper and dry to harden.

To Decorate Fire Starters:

If you would like to give them a simple yet warm touch, place coated pine cones in a basket or in Galvanized Buckets with a Christmas bow tied to it. Makes a great Christmas Gift that won’t cost a lot. Your gift will be thoughtful and pretty next to someone’s hearth or wood stove.

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I am Ruby, I love to make gifts for friends and family. I enjoy crafts of all types.