Corporate Gift Baskets : Good for Business

Corporate Gift Baskets : Good for Business

Article by Greta Giftgoode, a.k.a., “The Gift Doctor”

Corporate Gift Baskets: Good for Business ©

If you’re in business, I’d be willing to bet you’re not utilizing to its fullest extent one of the most important business tools you have at your disposal. When properly used, this single tool can increase retention of employees AND customers, boost sales, improve morale and skyrocket your customer service rating. What is this secret weapon that savvy businesses use to accomplish all these things? I’ll tell you in just a minute, but first, I’d like to ask you three questions.

What do you consider to be a business’ greatest commodity? If you said your customers, you’re half-right. Most business people would agree with you. But your employees are as important as your clients. And most business people don’t realize this. Either that or they realize it and don’t acknowledge it. When your employees are happy, your customer satisfaction soars.

Why do people do repeat business with one company over another? People have many choices as to how and where their money is spent. They return to the businesses that make them feel special and appreciated. I once knew a man who drove out of his way, and passed three grocery stores on his way to the one where they greeted him by name. This store was smaller, their prices were higher and their selection was more limited, but he shopped there because they made him feel special.When was the last time you made someone feel special? If you didn’t say “This morning”, then you need to read the rest of what I have to tell you.

Remember the secret weapon I said I’d tell you about? Well, okay, it’s not really a weapon, but its power really is a secret to a lot of business people. Successful businesses use corporate gift baskets. How can sending a gift basket impact your business? Because it makes people feel special.

There are so many opportunities to use this valuable resource and too many companies overlook them. Corporate gift baskets given to favored clients at holiday time increase their loyalty to your company. Plus, they make a more lasting impression than a company card with a stamped signature. But holidays are just one example.

Send a corporate gift basket as a thank you to a new client. Give one to the employee with the most productivity this month. Have one delivered to a customer or employee in the hospital. Offer a corporate gift basket along with your condolences to someone who’s lost a loved one. Send one to that secretary out on maternity leave. You can’t imagine the long-lasting effects your action will have on your company. If you don’t believe, try it for yourself. The link below is a great place to get started.

Corporate gift baskets aren’t just fruit baskets anymore. They can be customized to suit your individual needs. Your company colors can be incorporated into the design. They’re available for every occasion and can be personalized to the recipient’s special tastes. Corporate gift baskets can include wines or champagne, cheeses, coffees and teas, exotic foods, regional preferences, cheesecakes, cookies and other sweet treats. There are themes for sports fans, golfers and boaters. There are spa baskets for the ladies, and pooch baskets for the dog lover on your client list. The possibilities are practically endless.

Sending corporate gift baskets, whether to employees or clients, is an investment in your business. Can you really afford not to be making use of this valuable resource? Make a difference in someone’s day and ultimately in your company’s success; send a gift basket!

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