Cookie Gift Baskets – Ideas For All Occasions

Cookie Gift Baskets – Ideas For All Occasions

Cookie gift baskets aren’t only good for birthdays or holidays – in fact, there are many ideas that have probably never occurred to you for these sweet treats.  If you are looking for a gift that warms the heart and is sure to please, here are some great ideas!

Naturally, this is the perfect choice to give someone you know who adores sweets, but what else can be done with cookie gift baskets?  The possibilities are endless.  Here are a few suggestions that are sure to make your gift a hit with whoever you choose to give it to.

If a good friend has a baby shower coming up, you may want to consider giving this as a gift.  What’s unique about this basket?  Have your cookies designed in shapes such as a bottle, rattler, balloon or pacifier.  You can also add a few toys and stuffed animals to the mix, to make it even more special!  Know someone whose passion is cooking and baking?  Add utensils such as a rolling pin and cookie cutters to the mix.  You can combine practically anything you like to make your basket a perfectly fitting choice.

When given to other professionals or those who work with you, there are several things you can do to make your gift one that is sure to be appreciated.  Cookie gift baskets can be designed in so many amazing ways.  For a co-worker, add some gourmet coffee to the mix, or even candy.  For a more corporate-oriented touch, add cheese, pretzels, spreads, and any other food items you can think of.

Even when it comes to romance, there are some surprising things you can do.  Have your delectable delights shaped like flowers and hearts, and include a few beautiful silk roses.  Add an assortment of chocolates, and that special someone in your life will be thrilled that you gave them such a unique gift.

The holidays are a particularly special time of year.  Thanksgiving and Christmas are especially memorable times when family gathers together, often to share a good meal and experience what family is all about.  Present your host or hostess with cookie gift baskets, and everyone can enjoy a delicious dessert.

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