Coffee Gift Baskets for Coffee Lovers

Coffee Gift Baskets for Coffee Lovers

Article by Elysse Biaca

I need coffee! How many times have you heard that around the office? Coffee is thoroughly enjoyed as a regular beverage by billions – yes, actually billions of people, around the world. Day in and day out, there are many a pot of coffee brewed! However, as we all know, really good coffee has become somewhat of a luxury. At the same time, just in the last year or so, the big coffee manufacturers have finally started coming to the marketplace with ‘designer’ blends, as well as featuring 100% Arabica beans, which makes a truly superior cup of Java. Now, you can pick up some delightful gourmet coffees right in your local supermarket, at fairly reasonable prices. The traditional gourmet coffee shops can be rather pricey, but the supermarket gourmet choices provide the gourmet without the extra cost. Now, a coffee gift basket is an affordable, useful and thoughtful gift for any of those coffee lovers on your list.

A coffee gift basket, while being easier to purchase than assemble, also reduces the time you’d spend searching for that perfect gift at the mall, dealing with the crowds and finding a parking spot. The convenience factor is certainly something to consider.

Assembling one on your own just requires a little preplanning. Start on your next weekly shopping trip -since coffees are vacuum packed, this gift can be a premade before needed. The coffee will be fresh and tasty for your occasion. As you shop, browse the coffee aisle for the latest additions to the coffee aisle offerings. Check out the organically grown and ‘fair trade’ brands for some great finds for your coffee gift basket. Flavored coffees, such as Hazelnut, Pumpkin Spice, cinnamon and Crème Brulee, among many others, are all the rage now for a special treat for the coffee lover.

When you’ve collected an assortment of coffees, consider your budget and think of adding coffee accessories, such as mugs, reusable gold mesh screen filters, coffee grinders and travel mugs that will add some extra charm to your coffee gift. This gift is one that suits just about any budget, as you can adjust the quantities and items included to what you can afford. Just a single bag of a gourmet coffee and a mug makes a terrific gift and costs just or so!

Once you’ve obtained the contents of your coffee gift basket, you’re ready to find a basket to accommodate the treasures. Crafts shops are excellent sources for unique baskets. You can also find great baskets at your local dollar store. Wrap it up in clear or patterned cellophane, or simply tie a bit of festive ribbon to the basket and you’re all set.

Now you can easily see that a coffee gift basket would be appreciated by every coffee drinker you know.

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