Coffee gift baskets, a Coffee Connoisseurs Paradise

Coffee gift baskets, a Coffee Connoisseurs Paradise

Article by Thomas Hansy

A ‘gift basket’ typically means a collection of gift items supposed to be delivered at the recipient’s home or office. There are quite a few variants of gift baskets. For example, a flower gift basket is adorned with beautiful flowers, some contain fruits while others have canned foods like tea, coffee or jam. A significant difference between gourmet baskets and a gift basket lies in their difference of price. While the former contains comparatively expensive items like wine or cheese, hence expensive, a gift basket is cheaper, hence, more affordable.

A gift basket serves the purpose of a unique gift item for occasions like birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day etc. contents of a gift basket can be categorized into perishables, canned goods and non edibles. While ‘perishables’ include fruits like pineapple, banana, grapes, mango, orange etc, the canned variety includes packaged foods like breads, wine, honey, jam, nuts, tea or coffee, whereas cash, stuffed toys and likes are categorized into the non edible variety.

Coffee is probably the world’s favorite beverage. Needless to mention, it has gained in popularity as a gift basket item as well. A creatively designed and well endowed coffee gift basket can leave a lasting impression the recipient. The first step in designing a coffee gift basket involves choosing from an ensemble collection of coffee mugs. Coffee mugs are available in all shapes, sizes and colors, hence one is provided with a wide array of options to choose from. Going by a few survey results, connoisseurs of the brew loves their coffee mugs large, with the only exception being ‘espresso’ lovers who prefers a demitasse cup.

It is the choice of the brew that makes a coffee gift basket special. Selection of the brew to be put in requires a thorough knowledge of the recipient’s taste. However, the choice of ‘mild’ to ‘medium’ variety is advised. One can also include a bagful of coffee beans if the recipient has a fondness for grinding beans on his (her) own. After putting in basic items like mugs and beans, one can further endow the coffee gift baskets with special delicacies like chocolate coffee beans, packaged chocolate biscuits etc. As far as the choice of the basket is concerned, one can opt for cane baskets draped in colored cellophane.

The popularity of the gift baskets has affected the general economy. With more people venturing into this business of domestic coffee gift baskets, this industry is on a boom garnering more than million an year and expected to scale higher in recent future. With the rise in demand of coffee gift baskets, several organizations have resorted to taking orders online. Detailed information about online suppliers can be obtained by browsing the internet. A coffee gift basket can cost between and $ 200 or even more for the premium ones

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