Christmas Hampers for Small Budgets

Christmas Hampers for Small Budgets

Article by Wanda Holmes

A Christmas hamper is a gift basket filled with items such as chocolates, candies, coffee, wines, fruit, cheeses or sometimes little toys. These Christmas hampers make good gifts when you are on a small budget or you are looking to purchase a gift for an entire family instead of each individual person. Because every family member’s individual taste in gifts is different, Christmas hampers can be great to avoid hurt feelings, or like someone has been left out.

A Christmas hamper is nice for small budgets because you are getting something as a group instead of for every individual person. As most all parents know, purchasing toys for children can be expensive, and when you are buying them for the children in your extended family as well, the money you had for the holiday dwindles quickly.

Many companies sell nice Christmas hampers that are tailored to several different types of people. Whether wines and cheeses are their taste or they have small children and would prefer fruits and chocolates, there is something for everyone in a hamper.

For families, one of the best hampers available is a movie night hamper. This basket contains a family movie, popcorn, popcorn seasonings, sometimes even caramel. There are usually popcorn buckets for everyone as well as a drink mix or sometimes even movie candies.

This makes for a great family night that may not have happened otherwise. A similar set includes family board games so that the family can have a game night.

Most often, a Christmas hamper is filled with food. Sometimes there is an underlying theme to the food in the basket, other times there is not. An example of this would be a hamper full of organic or free trade items, as the only thing that all items have in common is that they are from free trade companies or are organic. You could end up having coffee, chocolate, cheese and a bottle of wine all in one hampers.

Other hampers may include a theme such as ice cream party items. A hamper such as this may include ice cream toppings, an ice cream scoop, sprinkles, nuts, and a jar of cherries or even a recipe for making your own banana splits.

If you have a longer than most Christmas list and are running on a small budget, hampers can help. They provide a means to still purchase a nice gift without spending a lot of money on each individual person.

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