Christmas Gift Baskets Are All The Rage

Christmas Gift Baskets Are All The Rage

Article by Charlie Cory

In recent years, it has become increasingly popular to give people a selection of Christmas gifts in a basket rather than to give a single gift. This is very nice if you are on the receiving end of course, but if you are the one giving out the baskets, then this could be a very expensive option, as the baskets themselves are sometimes far more than the presents they contain.

Corporate gift baskets are much the same of course, but whereas many corporate entities can afford to buy baskets, many individuals cannot. Maybe as a corporate entity you don’t want to buy them either, but have the resources in house to make them. If either is the case, then this is perhaps for you.

If you can get children involved, then so much the better. Most kids love making things, and making Christmas baskets are quite a novelty. Alternatively, then can make some of the gifts to go in the basket, so there is a lot of scope for child involvement.

Here are some ideas for the Christmas baskets themselves:-

* Traditional wicker baskets* Vases* Ceramic bowls* Mixing bowls* Painted terra cotta flower pots

The ceramic type baskets or pottery lend themselves to being painted as well, so there could be many hours of work, or entertainment, depending on how you view it.

Each Christmas gift basket, will need some padding to keep the gifts upright and on show. One way of doing this is to get colourful Christmas tissue paper, which would work well. The colours should be seasonal for the best effect, but if the Christmas basket that you are making has a romantic motive, then perhaps a white or gold colour would work well. Transforming the tissue into a variety of shapes such as strips or balls works well in producing a good visual effect. Having shapes of different sizes can also be very effective.

In terms of the actual content of the basket, for adults a Christmas gift basket may include some of the following:-

* Various types of coffees and biscotti* Wine and cheeses* Cheeses and meats* Seasonal and exotic fruit* Candles and bath items* Aromatherapy items* Christmas ornaments and decorations* Homemade jellies, jams and preserves

You can use a theme for the baskets so that they can include a mixture of several different types ofitems. For example, a “pamper yourself” gift basket might include:

* A loofa sponge* Several varieties of body lotions, bath oils or bath salts* Several scented candles* A classical music CD* A coupon for a day at the spa

For a man that enjoys fishing a great basket could be made from a fisherman’s creel with the following:

* Several types of lures and flies* A book or DVD on fishing* A pass or ticket to a favourite resort or fishing spot* Fishing equipment such as knives or a fishing net

Remember that baskets can be fun too. Children love to get assortments of small toys, sweets, puzzles and games in a Christmas basket.

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