Choosing Gift Baskets for Women

Choosing Gift Baskets for Women

Are you at a loss for gifts for women? Valentines Day, Mothers Day and Christmas are just a few occasions for which the solution is a well-prepared gift basket. They can be tailored to many interests from romantic to whimsical. Gift baskets also make wonderful gifts for women getting married, as wedding showers, housewarming baskets and even just a “thank you” or “thinking of you” basket.

Cookies, romantic gift baskets and chocolate can be favorites among gift baskets for women. There’s dried fruit trays, meat and cheese trays and an assortment of other edible gifts.

Women who like scented things might love a gift set with calming scented candles. There are many varieties of bath and spa gift baskets, from lotions and soaps to a “paradise” or “luxury” gift basket. These are even more effective by giving her time to enjoy them thoroughly, without interruptions of kids, the dogs and questions of “what are you doing in there – when’s breakfast?!” While gift baskets for women can be well received, put a note in it stating that you will remove all children from the home for two hours and turn the phone off on the way out the door for some well deserved uninterrupted time!

A well-timed spontaneous “thank you” basket recognizing all she does on a daily basis can be appreciated more than she might admit! Vintage baskets can be a hit with some as well as a “movie night” with popcorn and goodies she doesn’t have to do much to prepare – and coupled with a couple movies she wants to see.

Look at seasonal baskets also for other special gifts. You can also use the gift basket as part of the gift – with the gift basket just being the starting point!

For example, if she is a tea or coffee fan – give a coffee and tea gift basket along with a robe and book she’s been wanting to read and, again, time to enjoy it. If it means taking her away do it – give her uninterrupted time at a nice hotel while you pursue another interest for a few hours.

Women have a wide range of interests and gift baskets for women reflect this. Expect to pay and up, with a wide variety of selections in the -80 range. Don’t overlook “theme” baskets. With a relaxing scent basket, tuck in some nature sounds relaxing CDs to further close out the “outside world” even for just a few hours.

Bath baskets can offer bath salts, soaps and lotions, nail and body brushes. Take her interests and ask the gift basket professional for suggestions of something that will be within your budget and yet make her feel special and elegant. They also make a special way to remember that special night you ask her to marry you, with the ring tucked securely into the basket.

Whatever the occasion or relationship, gift baskets for women can be an excellent way to mark a variety of occasions from the “nothing special” reasons “just because” to those moments she’ll remember forever. See which one fits your special lady.

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