“Chocolate” Kwhitaker’s photos around Strasbourg, France

A TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow of a travel blog to Strasbourg, France by TravelPod blogger Kwhitaker titled “Chocolate”. TravelPod is a company of TripAdvisor™. Kwhitaker’s travel blog entry: “Today we went to the European Council. We had a tour of the building and saw the room where the meetings take place. The European Council focuses more on human rights law and moving Europe toward a United States of Europe. There are currently 47 member states and only 7 working languages compared to the 27 the European Parliament had. After the European Council meeting, Andi, Paige and myself went to a chocolate museum. The place was a little out of the way and very easy to get to (even though we got lost). During our detour, or as some would say while we were lost, we walked along a beautiful bike path in the country where we saw hay bails, picket fences and charming houses all surrounded by natures best greenery. At the chocolate museum we learned how various types of chocolate are made (white, milk, dark) as well as how the hollow molds are made. Chocolate is made from the fruit of the cacao tree, “Theobroma cacao” in Latin. It is a very fragile tree, liable to desease and fungus. It can only be cultivated in a relatively narrow area of land around the equator, in a hot, humid climate. It dislikes direct sun and is planted in the shadow of “mother trees” like banana or coconut trees. It does not tolerate an altitude over 700 meters. After 2 years, the cacao tree comes into
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