caught between 2 loves2(pushing me away)chp1

Chp 1 (btw ppl.This storys name is still caught between 2 loves but it will have a sub title which is pushing me away.& let me just clear this up now,I didnt get the name from the song pushing me away from the jonas brothers.This story was actually inspired by the song pushing me away (remix)by linkin park.So can u PLZ!!!Watch the video I made.I made it especially 4 the 1st chp of book 2 cause I noe this was a big thing 4 a lot of u.its a bunch of their vid put 2gether.PLZ TELL ME WHAT U THINK OF IT.So hear it is. Caught between 2 loves book 2 (pushing me away): *2 months later* Rachel: Kevin…I love u Kevin: Rach, really?! u love me! do u really mean that?! Rachel: ha! *laughs* of course not! Kevin: *sounds heartbroken*w-what… Rachel: how could u ever think that I actually love U! Are u kidding me Kevin…I hate u Kevin: y-you do? Rachel: yes Kevin. I hate u, and I mean it *just then Cesar walked up behind Rachel & wraps his arms around her waist from behind* Rachel: oh, hi baby *turns around, wraps her arms around his neck & kissed him right in front of Kevin* Kevin: *tears streaming down his face. Then, Kevin started hearing a voice in his ears. It sound familiar but it still sounds so far away* *he opens his eyes franticly & starts breathing heavily when he sees Joe* Joe: dude, what the hell is wrong with u… Kevin: *sits up in his bunk*wait, wheres Rachel? Joe: uh…in…LA Kevin: what are u talking about? She was right here like 2 seconds ago… Joe: dude…no
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