Capresso MG600 Coffee Maker

Whole Latte Love presents the Capresso MG600. Tastefully designed, the Capresso MG600 features a body constructed of fingerprint-resistant milled steel for unmatched strength and style. This compact machine is also surprisingly fast, capable of brewing 10 cups in less than eight minutes! For coffee drinkers who like to make only a few cups at a time, the MG600 features a unique setting to ensure maximum aroma retention when brewing three to five cups. The Capresso MG600 is also big on convenience. Its heating system is lined to prevent contact between the water and aluminum, reducing the need to decalcify. And, the nonstick warming plate will keep your coffee hot for up to two hours. If you’re looking for a simple, dependable coffee maker, consider the Capresso MG600. It’s available at