Candy Apple Gift Baskets

Candy Apple Gift Baskets

Article by Jeremy S. Abrahamson

If you are tired of the same old gift basket ideas, try a new one with candy apple gift baskets. Candy apple gift baskets will satisfy the sweet tooth of anyone on your gift list and they’re cheap and easy to make. Best of all, they’re extremely thoughtful so they are sure to please anyone on your gift list.

No matter the occasion, no matter the sex or the age of the person, everyone loves candy apples. They’re good for you, well the apples are, and they taste great. Best of all, you can make a bunch of these candy apple gift baskets in no time at all and you can then give them out to all your friends and family.


The people on your gift list have likely never received a candy apple gift basket. They’ve probably received a cookie gift basket, a coffee or maybe even a tea gift basket; but never a candy apple gift basket. You can either make or buy the candy apples. They’re not that hard to make if you want to try your hand at it.

You simply get some apples, put some wooden sticks in them and then dip them in hot caramel or whatever else you want to dip them in. You should be able to find candy apple making kits at your local grocery store or you can find recipes online. Of course you can also buy them which takes the fun out of it but you can make the candy apple gift baskets quicker that way. They’re sure to surprise, but it will be a pleasant surprise.

Wrap Them up

Don’t forget to wrap the candy apples up first. Don’t just put them on the filler that you stick in the bottom of the basket. The filler can be plastic straw, tissue paper, wrapping paper or anything else you choose to fill the basket with. You’ll want to wrap them up so that the caramel or whatever else you cover the apples with won’t stick to the filler.

You can either use saran wrap or clear wrapping paper. Make sure the wrap is clear so that they can see through it to the treat inside whenever they receive the gift. This candy apple gift basket idea is sure to make anyone on your list happy as long as you prepare them correctly and dress them up nicely.

Then when you give the candy apple gift basket to that person on your gift list, you’ll hopefully get them to return the favor with an equally unique gift basket idea.

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