baskets, picnic baskets, gift baskets, pet baskets,

baskets, picnic baskets, gift baskets, pet baskets,

Article by Karen Quilliams

BasketsI love baskets! Especially wicker baskets. But any basket will do. I was looking through a desk drawer the other day and found a basket I had forgotten about. I said to my husband `look a pretty basket!`He wasn’t excited as I was, and now i have to find someplace to put it and something to put in it. Not a hard task, and I will accomplish that task.

Where do you use baskets? I have one in the bathroom filled with hair accessories. My daughter was helping out and filled it with hair pins, elastics and other hair pretties. I put plants in baskets, pens/pencils in baskets, fruit in hanging baskets, toys in baskets and even napkins in baskets.

When we were looking for picnic baskets they were hard to find. So we started hunting for picnic baskets and decided to sell them online. It is so much fun to go on picnics taking our insulated basket which has plates, cups and cutlery in it. So convieneint to grab it, fill it with food and off we go.

Baskets come in all shapes sizes and material. The most common, in my mind, are made with wicker. But some are made with wood, some cloth, some aluminum or whatever material is handy. You can find books on how to make your own baskets, cruise garage sales to find unique styles or buy one at the craft store. What fun to find a basic basket, then fancy it up with ribbons and bows. Gather up your children and spend an afternoon creating a special basket for special occassion. Make one for dad, filled with his favorite after shave, snacks, coffee/tea and a new book to read.

Gift baskets can be given anytime of the year. Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries, Christmas or Easter. Make your own or order one from the many available online or at your local stores. Unique and personal, send a gift basket to someone you care for. Appreciate your employer or employee with a basket filled with coffee or tea along with some biscuits and cookies. Celebrate the birth of a child with baskets full of all the things a new mother will need to care for her special bundle of joy. There is no end to the times when a gift basket will be appreciate by someone, sent by you!

Baskets – You Gotta Lov’em!!

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