Not “Care Bear Package.” That would be something completely different. I am studying for the Mississippi July 2009 Bar Exam, and some of my law school friends have surprised me by sending me a care package! :) I went to law school with Amos, and Sue-Anna (who is not only Amos’s wife but is also an independent and freestanding entity in her own right) is a pecan heiress. :) She’s even got a blog called The Pecan Princess. Anyway, her family owns a pecan and desserts company called The Orchards that among other things does gifts. (They have a cinnamon and coffee cake that is the Best. Cake. Ever.) Apparently, I am now the lucky recipient of a “Hang In There!” gift basket whilst I study for the Bar. :) Thank you so much, Amos and Sue-anna And if anybody out there wants to check ’em out, their URL is They’re my friends and I’ll shill if I want to. :)