7 Occasions to Send Gift Baskets

7 Occasions to Send Gift Baskets

Article by Cameron Sherber

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a friend of family member, you can’t go wrong with a gift basket. These fantastic gifts are designed to commemorate a seemingly endless assortment of events and special occasions and will bring a smile to the face of their intended recipient. Additionally, if you’re unclear on where to purchase the best gift baskets online, merchants like Teleflora and KaBloom have just what you need. Here are seven occasions to send gift baskets:

1. Valentine’s Day

Flower-laden gift baskets are sure to brighten the day of any lucky girl on Valentine’s Day. While roses are typically the standard, daisies, carnations and tulips have been known to make great Valentine’s gifts as well. So, if your special someone has a soft spot for attractive floral arrangements, a gift basket should be right up her alley. Also, if your sweetheart has a soft spot for stuffed animals, these types of baskets go nicely with personalized teddy bears.

2. Birthdays

If you’re at a loss regarding what to buy a friend with an upcoming birthday, a basket filled with her favorite treats is sure to delight. In addition to traditional confectionery-filled baskets, wine, cheese, gourmet sausage, coffees and teas are becoming increasingly popular basket contents. Also, healthy eaters are sure to appreciate a basket packed to the brim with fresh fruit.

3. Graduations

A snack-filled basket can make a great gift for a recent middle school, high school or college graduate. These gifts are particularly popular among growing young men as a result of their propensity for food consumption. In fact, certain online stores specialize in selling baskets designed specifically for children and young adults.

4. Medical Recoveries

A nice big goody basket can be a fantastic way to commemorate a friend or family member recovering from an illness or successfully undergoing an important operation. Once the basket’s recipient returns home from the hospital, seeing your thoughtful gift is guaranteed to bring a smile to her face.

5. Baby Showers

If someone special in your life will soon be taking the plunge into parenthood, consider giving her a basket that contains assorted parenting manuals and childcare equipment. Any cash-strapped soon-to-be parent will definitely appreciate such a practical present. In addition, these baskets often include toys, clothing and other accessories that your baby is sure to love.

6. Pick-Me-Ups

Friends, family members or significant others who have been feeling lethargic as of late are liable to brighten up their mood upon receiving a basket that contains their favorite snacks and beverages. Lighthearted greeting cards do a nice job of complimenting this particular type of gift.

7. Homesickness

If you have a friend or family member who recently started college or relocated as a result of their job, sending them a gift basket filled with their favorite goodies can be an effective way to ease any homesickness they may be experiencing, as it lets them know they’re still in the thoughts of everyone back home.

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