3sleeves + acoustics + NanoStudio + KORG microSAMPLER = microSESSION_v5

I took a little different approach with this video, honing my cinematography chops a bit. You might also notice that I’ve included a little drum breakdown jam in the middle…look close and you can see how I’ve placed drum fills and rolls. All melodies, riffs and breaks were improvised and recorded within a couple of hours. Two synth lines were played using NanoStudio on an iTouch, all other sounds were created with acoustic instruments run through a Behringer UB1202FX mixer into the Korg MS-1. The final mix was performed live on the MS-1 and recorded onto HiMD. Thanks for watching. Please comment or subscribe to show support. Peace. Check out the free albums linked on my channel or visit: www.myspace.com/byproducts www.trifidelix.com soundcloud.com
Video Rating: 5 / 5